Shock Absorbers and Issues


What are shock absorbers and why are they important?

Not only the rural areas of India feature rough roads, but the urban roads too do not shine except in the election season and you should be extremely careful if you are taking your vehicle out in monsoon season. God knows which hole is waiting to swallow your car whole. Despite having these dreadful scenarios in India, you still have a chance to avoid the situation if your vehicle is equipped with good-quality shock absorbers.

Shocks absorbers are an integral part of the suspension system and they help provide comfort by reducing the impact of bumps, noise, and vibration. Shock absorbers are equipped for two essential tasks is how we can simply put it. One is controlling the movement of springs and suspension, and the other is to keep the tires in contact with the ground at all times. Whether the vehicle is in rest or in motion, the lower surface of your tires is the only part of your car in contact with the road.

As they remain in the contact with the road constantly, they get wear too quickly; therefore, it becomes extremely important to keep getting them examined and get them replaced, if necessary. If the usage of your car is more than average then it is recommended that you go for good-quality shock absorbers.

When should I replace shock absorbers?

Being one of the key aspects of suspensions, they greatly impact the comfort, along with safety of your vehicle, in case they go worn. Worn shocks directly affect your vehicle’s ability to touch the road. In this condition, you may experience dangerous swaying, deteriorated performance, hydroplaning and poor road handling and holding. Apart from ageing, following are the reasons why shock absorbers on your car go bad:

  • Fluid leakage out of shocks
  • Damaged shock bodies
  • Excessive bouncing when the vehicle comes across a hole
  • Vehicle sways or leans on turns
  • Uneven tire wear

Look out for these too

As a prudent driver, you must ensure that the mounts or bushings are not worn or broken. If the case is just reverse, you must take the vehicle to an expert mechanic for the treatment. Also, Shock Absorbers are always replaced in pairs be it rear or front.


Needless to highlight that to avoid any disruption, you must keep a check not only on the shocks, but on the entire suspension system. In case you confront any unexpected scenario, consider it a wakeup call and consult the mechanic with an immediate effect. Here, we at would be happy to help you get your vehicle’s shock absorber or other parts serviced or replaced.