Bushings and Issues


What are bushings and why are they important?

Bushings are small rubber or polyurethane suspension components used to isolate vibration, minimize friction and render cushioning. Very commonly, control arm bushings and sway bar bushings are known as car bushings. However, bushings are also placed between your car’s suspensions and provided in several other areas.

Indian weather conditions are responsible for many things and it is surely very difficult to measure what impact it has when the weather conditions go against those who drive the vehicles on roads. Such unpleasing conditions make many parts of the vehicles ear out including Bushings.

Bushings come into the picture when your car meets road shocks, low vibrations and any unwanted sound from other suspension parts. It is also true that rubber bushings cannot handle heat or petroleum exposure; therefore, they are located only where they do not get the direct exposure to any heat causing it to tear.

When Do Bushings Require To Be Replaced?

Other than bad weather, the driving conditions and your driving style play a major role to make the parts go worn. Hence, it is highly recommended that you must keep a constant check on the parts of your vehicle, especially brakes, suspensions, tires etc. Also, take a note on the following;

  • Strut rod bushings and radius arm bushings may not make a sound, but will create a pull during accelerating and braking.
  • If you hear a metallic warp sound, it suggests the excessive internal wear.
  • Inspect the control arm to find 1/8 inch or more free play tells the entire story.

Keep In Mind

It is also highlighted that you examine the sub frame bushings carefully to find out signs of wear and once you discover it, you are advised to get the vehicle to the mechanic.


Overall, it is noteworthy that the timely replacement of bushings is like a stitch in time saves nine. Getting a new one can not only improve handling but also lets you enjoy a trouble-free drive every time. It needs to be understood that parts like bushings have a specific life and getting worn after a period of time is not unusual. Therefore, you must get your vehicle’s (especially the bushings in the context) check-up done on a regular basis. Here, at services.cardekho.com, we would be happy to help you get your vehicle’s bushings or other parts serviced or replaced.