Throttle Body and Issues


What is a Throttle Body?

For uninterrupted functioning, a car’s engine requires proper blend of fuel and air. In cars, a Throttle Body is one of the most vital parts linked with the intake system. It keeps the amount of air that flows into an engine’s combustion chamber in check. In short, by constriction or obstruction, the liquid flow is operated in the system through this mechanism. The Throttle Body incorporates a bored housing that contains a throttle plate (butterfly) that rotates on a shaft. When you step on the accelerator, this plate unfastens and lets the air enter into the engine. Once the accelerator is left untouched, the butterfly gets shut down and it efficiently lets the air flow into the combustion chamber.

What is the importance of Throttle Body in cars?

A Throttle Body cannot be misunderstood with Throttle and also with the throttle that a carbureted engine has. A throttle body simply provides a suitable place to mount a throttle in the absence of a carburetor. By having a command on the air flow within an engine, the Throttle Body controls the speed of the engine directly. The modern cars come with injectors that have showed the exit to the older technology of carburetors.

What are the common issues with throttle body?

Keeping the Indian weather conditions in mind, it is quite obvious that a car’s engine and its components face serious troubles, especially when it comes to the Throttle Body which is a crucial component.

Following are the issues your car may have due to the problems in Throttle Body:

    • Low drivability
    • Rugged idle, stumbling initial acceleration or even stalling
    • No smooth acceleration from a stop
    • Engine light may illuminate, consider checking
    • Experiencing harshness when gas pedal is pushed

How to discover Throttle Body issues?

Once a throttle body gets older, its inability to keep the emissions from the engine’s exhaust system in check becomes prominent and this causes many other issues. If you notice an elevated sound when the accelerator pedal is pressed, then it is an alarm for you to get an inspection done by the mechanic. A damaged throttle body needs an instant replacement before it turns into a ghastly issue. The accumulation of dirt and debris on the throttle body is a big sign that it needs cleaning or replacement.


A Throttle Body is an intermediate body between air cleaner and the intake manifold. Its significance is huge and therefore, you cannot avoid its cleaning, if it looks dusty and varnished. Moreover, an immediate replacement should be done if you find it damaged. To get a longtime service of this system, a proper and regular cleanup is recommended. At CarDekho, we would happy to help you get the Throttle Bodies on your car’s engine cleaned or replaced. All we ask you to do is log on to