Mass Airflow Sensor and Issues


What is a mass airflow sensor and why is it important?

Notably known as MAF, Mass Airflow Sensor is an integral part of the electric fuel injection system found in the modern cars. You can find it placed between the air filter and the intake manifold. This is an electronic sensor that dispatches a signal to the engine computer, which then uses metering to determine fuel delivery and spark timing. In simpler words, it is an electronic sensor that measures volume and density of air entering into the engine.

The main objective of the Mass Airflow Sensor is to sense the amount of air that has entered through the air filter and inform the ECU about the same. ECU then determines the amount of air that needs to mix with fuel and enter the engine. This leads to making your car’s engine perform the way it does.

What are the symptoms of a failing Mass Air Flow Sensor?

Every vehicle significantly draws our attention towards the defect in its components with some signs and indications, and so does your car’s Mass Airflow Sensor. It is extremely essential to keep a keen eye on such symptoms to avoid inviting any more unwanted trouble. Following are the most common warning signs of a defective mass airflow sensor;

    • The car may not start at all
    • Fuel consumption goes haywire
    • Engine starts losing power all of a sudden

Look out for these too

Since Mass Airflow Sensor is an integral component of the air intake system, if it goes faulty, check and clean/replace the air filter to ensure clean air is delivered to the engine. Also, if the check engine light comes on, do get a thorough check-up done immediately. The hoses and other components should also be inspected for leaks.


It cannot be emphasised enough how important air is for your car’s engine. However, too little or too much air can wreak havoc on your car’s engine. The Mass Airflow Sensor is put in place to ensure that never happens. So, if this sensor goes wrong, your car’s engine is bound to face big troubles. Therefore, do not ignore this repair and get it done at the earliest. Foor that, you can simply log on to where we can help you arrange a mechanic to fix this issue at the earliest.