Intake Manifold and Issues


What is intake manifold and why is it important?

If you believe that Oxygen is as necessary for your car as it is for you, then we believe that you understand your vehicle deeply. With a proper breathing system, your car functions well. However, many other systems and aspects help it in breathing systematically and Inlet Manifold is one of them. Inlet Manifold is better known by the term Intake Manifold which is, arguably, one of the most pivotal parts of the intake system in cars. An Intake Manifold includes air filter, air-box and mass airflow sensor. This system is also used for other components like carburetor, throttle body and engine components mounted on it or provide attaching points. An Intake Manifold is provided in steel, aluminum or plastic body that mounts on the engine and is attached to the engine by an intake manifold gasket. The major functioning of the Intake Manifold is to dispense even air/fuel mixture to each cylinder through chain of tubes; therefore, the accurate amount of air is mixed with the exact measurement of gas. Its significance can be understood by the fact that more the air and fuel you provide to your car’s engine, more the power it will produce. Therefore, this system has its significance as the most popular performance upgrade.

What are the symptoms of failing Intake Manifold?

There are many common issues that your car may face due to a defective Intake Manifold. It is also possible that your car breaks down anytime if you do not have the habit to check the engine quite often. Intake Manifold handles the coolant, which flows through this system to the cylinder heads to decrease the temperature of the engine of your car. In case these tubes face any leakage or blockage, the air would not be made available to the engine and this will finally result in breaking down of the car.

The following are some of the symptoms of your car’s Intake Manifold going bad:

    • Engine overheats
    • Engine runs rough
    • Engine check light is on


The Intake Manifold is closely attached to the engine of a car and no function related to the engine can be imagined without optimal operation of this unit. Over the period, the tubes get worn or in case the tubes get cut, leakage is imminent. However, if you get the regular diagnosis of your car done from an expert, you will be able to dodge any such troubles. Here, at, we would be happy to help you get your vehicle’s intake manifold issues sorted out or any other parts serviced or replaced.