Fuel Injector and Issues


What is a fuel injector and why is it important?

Every vehicle which has an internal combustion engine needs fuel to run. The Indian car industry has moved on to fuel injection (spraying fuel and air directly into the cylinders) from carburetion (mixing fuel and air and then sending them to cylinders for combustion). The use of fuel injectors has made our engines more economical and more versatile to be used in varied weather conditions without requiring any tinkering. However, a fuel injector is a relatively small piece of equipment meant for controlled ignition and is prone to lot of issues. Some issues are time-related (like ageing) while some are due to bad quality of fuel being used (like clogging). Determining which issue affects the fuel injectors may end up saving time and cost for you.

What are the symptoms of a failing fuel injector?

While a properly maintained and serviced car’s fuel injectors should be serviced close to every 40,000-50,000 kilometres (a reason why routine servicing of your vehicle is important), do look out for signs like low economy, engine misfire, engine check light or when the vehicle does not start even with tank full of petrol/diesel.

Look out for these too

Get your car’s fuel filter checked,  only if it has been placed separately from fuel pump on the fuel line.


Fuel injectors are the lifeline of your engine and should be kept in good condition. For this, it is necessary for the vehicle to be serviced routinely as per the manufacturer’s guidelines mentioned in the owner’s manual of your car. Also, always prefer to get fuel filled from one fuel station only instead of changing frequently. We at CarDekho would be happy to help you in getting your car’s fuel injectors and/or other parts serviced and/or replaced. All you have to do is log on to services.cardekho.com and avail of our free pick-up and drop facility along with knowledge of what you will be paying for and how much will you be shelling out of your pocket.