Exhaust Manifold and Issues

Exhaust Manifold and Issues

What is an exhaust manifold and why is it important?

In an internal combustion engine, the burning of fuel produces gases the final stroke in four-stroke cycle takes the gases out of the engine cylinders. However, these still have to get out of the engine and that is where the exhaust manifold steps in. Exhaust manifold collects the waste gases from the cylinders and shows them their way out of the engine. Exhaust manifold is the first stage of the exhaust system and therein also lies its importance.

An important objective of exhaust headers is to ensure the scavenging effect. During the final stroke on the piston, both intake and exhaust valves remain partially open. Low pressure inside the exhaust pipes ensures all the combustion byproducts are taken out of the cylinder and help induct the intake charge necessary for the next cycle of combustion.

Over time, exhaust headers develop leaks, affecting how your vehicle runs. This leak will ensure that your vehicle’s performance goes down, its fuel economy takes a hit, it stalls frequently and there is production of black smoke.

What are the symptoms of a failing exhaust manifold?

You need to keep a check on the following to figure out is there anything wrong with your car or not:

  • Sudden drop in performance, fuel economy or vehicle stalls frequently
  • Unusual odour
  • A crack on the Exhaust Manifold tubes
  • Black smoke from the tailpipe

Look out for these too

Exhaust manifold can be seen by the naked eye and if you ever feel the need, you can always take a look at the engine bay and see if there are any problems with the unit. So, taking a look at your car’s engine every now and then would not hurt and would bring any visible issues to the fore.


Now that you know what exhaust manifold is and why is it important, do ensure that you take a look at your car’s engine every now and then to ensure you are aware of apparent issues. Here, at services.cardekho.com, we would be happy to help you get your vehicle’s Exhaust Manifold or other parts serviced or replaced.