Catalytic Converter and Issues

Catalytic Converter

What is a catalytic converter and why is it important?

In India, Petrol and Diesel are the major fuel options used by the cars on sale in the country. Upon burning these fuels, what an engine throws out is harmful emissions, mostly hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons, when allowed to pass untreated into the air, can cause a lot of diseases and harm the environment in other ways too. It is for this purpose that a catalytic converter is used in cars. What the catalytic converter does is reduce the toxic pollutants to less harmful pollutants by catalysing a reaction which involves either addition or reduction of oxygen from the same.
A Catalytic Converter consists of catalyst(s) inside its canister. Platinum is used, as well as Palladium and Rhodium. Cerium, Iron, Manganese and Nickel are also used. Copper is also used. Once the catalytic converter’s life ends, it is scrapped and the precious materials inside it are extracted.

An important issue is that of catalytic converter’s placing. Since it is a part of the exhaust system, it finds a spot on the underbody of the car, where it can get damaged by debris and challenges thrown by unpaved roads. Also, since all modern cars come equipped with catalytic converter, they can only run on unleaded fuel as fuel with lead content can lead to catalyst poisoning, leading to failure of catalytic converter.

What are the signs of a failing catalytic converter?

Here are some signs you should look for to determine whether your car’s catalytic converter is failing or not:

  • Abnormal idling
  • Low fuel economy

Look out for these too

There is no obvious way to know whether the catalytic converter has failed or not. What that means is that, in case of an issue, a few other parts will have to be checked in order to determine whether it is the catalytic converter’s fault or not. Also, do not park your car in areas with tall grass or dry leaves under it. The catalytic converter heats up when it is functioning and the temperature is so high that it can actually start fires. So be warned!


Catalytic converter is important not just to ensure less harmful emissions but also to push the authorities to provide quality fuel for your vehicle. Here at, we would be happy to help you get your car’s catalytic converter serviced, repaired or replaced, if needed.