Air Filter and Issues

What is an air filter and why is it important? The engine of a car requires two elements to run and those are fuel and air. Fuel produces energy but only when burnt properly, for which, air is required. For this to happen, air is allowed to let inside the engine bay through vents, slats […]

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Throttle Body and Issues

What is a Throttle Body? For uninterrupted functioning, a car’s engine requires proper blend of fuel and air. In cars, a Throttle Body is one of the most vital parts linked with the intake system. It keeps the amount of air that flows into an engine’s combustion chamber in check. In short, by constriction or […]

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Mass Airflow Sensor and Issues

What is a mass airflow sensor and why is it important? Notably known as MAF, Mass Airflow Sensor is an integral part of the electric fuel injection system found in the modern cars. You can find it placed between the air filter and the intake manifold. This is an electronic sensor that dispatches a signal […]

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Intake Manifold and Issues

What is intake manifold and why is it important? If you believe that Oxygen is as necessary for your car as it is for you, then we believe that you understand your vehicle deeply. With a proper breathing system, your car functions well. However, many other systems and aspects help it in breathing systematically and […]

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Air Intake System: Importance and Issues

What is an air intake system and why is it important? An internal combustion engine (the same one you have in your car) relies on combustion of fuel inside its walls to ensure it can generate power. An important part of the entire combustion process is the introduction of air. Simple science (opposite of rocket […]

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