Manual Transmission and Issues


What is a manual transmission system and why is it important?

Are you hearing a clicking or knocking noise from your car? Is it refusing to go into gear or it keeps jumping out of gear? These are signs that something may not be right with your car’s transmission. A transmission’s work is to essentially transmit the engine’s power to the wheels. Engines operate at a high rotational speed which is not ideal for the drive wheels to start, stop or travel slowly. So the transmission helps in lowering the higher engine speed to the speed necessary for wheels to turn.

A manual transmission or stick shift (colloquially) in your car will broadly comprise of a movable gear stick and a clutch that needs driver operation. Shafts, levers, flywheel and bearings are some other components of this system. It’s vital to know when your transmission is not working efficiently so that you can get it fixed at the earliest to avoid safety issues and major expenses.

What are the symptoms of manual transmission issues?


  • Is there a lack of response? After shifting into gear, does the engine rev but car does not move as fast as it should? This can commonly be due to a bad clutch but there might be other problems.
  • Is the car jumping out of gear and then into neutral? Damaged or loose attaching linkage on gear shifter may be the reason.
  • Does your car keeping jumping out of any gear? Probable causes may be loose engine or transmission mounts or worn input shaft pilot pushing or bearing.
  • Do you see fluid leaks on the driveway or parking?Manual transmission fluid resembles motor oil in color so it may a little difficult to be sure about what it is. Nevertheless you should call a mechanic immediately to patch any leaks.
  • Does your car refuse to engage into gear with motor running but does when the motor is off?Itis most probably a clutch problem or internal transmission issue.
  • Can you hear a grinding or scratching noise when you shift into gear? Possible reasons can be clutch-related issues, usage of improper transmission fluid or worn out synchronizer rings which behave as a brake on the gear.
  • Clicking noise?May be a sign of broken gear chip or tooth.
  • Knocking noise? Possibly the gears are broken.
  • Is your car noisy in one gear but becomes silent when it goes into another gear?The silent gear is generally the problem here.
  • Dragging clutch?This happens when the clutch disk doesn’t disengage the flywheel after pressing the clutch pedal. So, the clutch continues to spin with the engine and changing gears become extremely difficult. A grinding noise can also be heard while changing gears. Excessive slack in the clutch pedal is often the reason.
  • Do you smell something burning? Overheating of transmission fluid can lead to this issue. This may happen when fluid level is low or the wrong type of fluid is being used.
  • Is your car’s check engine light on?Though the light can turn on due to several reasons, transmission problems maybe one of them. Get your vehicle inspected without delay.


In case you observe any of the above symptoms, contact a reputed and trusted automotive repair center for a thorough inspection of your car as soon as possible.

Look out for these too

An important thing to remember about transmissions is that they are sealed systems. What this means is that if everything goes fine and there are no issues, the transmission system survives as long as the engine block without ever needing an oil change for the same duration. However, once opened, do ensure the transmission oil is changed. Do keep the owner’s manual handy to know when the time is right to go for a transmission oil flushing.


Manual transmission issues, if ignored, will render your car useless until fixed. Upon inspection, their repair cost may vary but will still be less than their automatic counterparts’. So, pay heed if you hear abnormal noises when slotting into gears, if you are having problems changing gears or if you notice fluid leaks, etc. We at CarDekho would be happy to help you get your vehicle inspected carefully for any concerns relating to its transmission. All you need to do is log on to