Automated Manual Transmission and Issues


What is an automated manual transmission system?

In India, Maruti Suzuki Celerio and Tata Zest are among the cars using an automated manual transmission system. This system is often popularly referred to as a hybrid between a manual and automatic transmission. An automated manual transmission is almost same as a manual transmission with the point of difference being clutch operation. In this scenario, you have to change gears by manually selecting them but you don’t have to operate the clutch pedal. Instead, gears are shifted through shifters or paddles situated behind the steering wheel. Components like sensors, processors, pneumatics and actuators work in collusion to automatically shift gears when a change is indicated by the driver.

Among the pros of the automated manual transmission system are reduced fatigue due to removal of clutch pedal, better mileage (again due to clutch pedal’s removal, but subject to driving style and habits), less lags between shifts and lower costs of acquisition and maintenance as compared to fully automatic systems. The cons are the higher cost of acquisition and maintenance than manual transmission and tuning issues may rear their head at any point.

What are the symptoms of a failing automated manual transmission?

Since an automated manual transmission is very similar to a manual one, they share comparable problems.

  • If response is lacking When you shift into gear, if the engine’s RPMs increase but the car doesn’t move fast enough, it can be due to a bad clutch or other problems.

  • If your car jumps out of gear and then into neutral If the attaching linkage on gear shifter is loose or damaged, this may happen.

  • If your car is jumping out of any gear spontaneously Either loose engine or transmission mounts or worn input shaft pilot pushing or bearing can cause this.

  • If you see fluid leaking on the driveway There must be a leak somewhere, but call a mechanic right away to confirm if it is the transmission fluid. Other repairs may also be needed.

  • If you hear unusual noises from the gearbox Something might possibly be wrong with your transmission and it requires immediate inspection.

  • If you get a burning smell Overheating of transmission fluid due to low fluid levels or usage of the wrong type of fluid can lead to this issue.

  • If the car’s check engine light is on This light can turn on because of various reasons apart from transmission issues. But if you do not notice any other symptom other than those mentioned here, get your car’s transmission checked at the earliest.

If your car is exhibiting any of the above signs, contact a reputed automotive repair centre without delay. Ask them to tow your car to their garage if you feel unsafe driving it to them. If any parts need replacement, do inquire with them about the place of acquisition and also check about the warranty.

Look out for these too

Automated manual transmission systems serve as a cheaper alternative to fully automatic and dual-clutch automatic types. This has led to them becoming immensely popular among the masses. Since they marry an automatic transmission’s benefits to a manual type, they carry more or less the same guidelines as the automatics. Simply speaking, nothing needs to be even touched, if the transmission is in order, for a really long time. However, do ask for transmission oil change if the system is opened and emphasise on getting the oil change done as a part of the repair/replacement of the transmission.


To get problems related to automated manual transmission resolved early, pay attention if you hear strange noises from the gearbox, or if the gears are slipping or if there are fluid leaks on your driveway etc. In case of any issues, you can log on to to avail of our services and we will be happy to help you in getting them resolved.