Clutch and Issues

What is a clutch and why is it important? You must have heard that clutch is important. But you would also have wondered what is a clutch. The engine transmits power to the transmission system via a flywheel. The clutch takes this power and, depending on when user wants it, transmits it to wheels. In […]

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Differential and Issues

What is a differential and why is it important? There are quite a few folks around us who like to take their car to the mountains, racetracks, etc. only to enjoy the way their car handles around corners. For that purpose, they utilize different kind of cars, the kind that have the necessary go-fast goodies […]

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Transmission Fluid and Importance

What is transmission fluid and why is it important? Do you hear a strange, grinding noise from the transmission of your car? Or you are facing trouble while shifting gears and having a hard time driving? Maybe these problems have something to do with your car’s transmission fluid. But what is this fluid really? As […]

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Automated Manual Transmission and Issues

What is an automated manual transmission system? In India, Maruti Suzuki Celerio and Tata Zest are among the cars using an automated manual transmission system. This system is often popularly referred to as a hybrid between a manual and automatic transmission. An automated manual transmission is almost same as a manual transmission with the point of difference being […]

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Automatic Transmission and Issues

What is an automatic transmission system and why is it important? Many cars nowadays are equipped with automatic transmission systems. Just like a manual transmission system, it conveys the power of the engine to the drive mechanism. Also called self-shifting transmission, automatic transmission enables gear ratios to change while the car is moving without any […]

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Manual Transmission and Issues

What is a manual transmission system and why is it important? Are you hearing a clicking or knocking noise from your car? Is it refusing to go into gear or it keeps jumping out of gear? These are signs that something may not be right with your car’s transmission. A transmission’s work is to essentially […]

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