Brake Shoe/Brake Pad and Issues


What is a brake shoe/brake pad and why is it important?

While driving a vehicle in urban India, you need to be very particular about two things – one is horn, and other is brakes. Thanks to the stop and go traffic conditions, alongside bizarre situations you stumble upon in a crowded street or narrow lanes, prompting you to stop immediately. Although, for once, horn can somewhat be overlooked. However, you cannot get away with faulty brakes in your vehicle. In a braking system, a brake shoe bears the brake lining in drum brakes used in various vehicles. They are placed only at the rear wheels in most vehicles that have such a system. While driving, if you put pressure on the brake pedal, the shoe presses the lining (carried by the brake) against the inner part of the drum. The abrasion between lining and drum renders an instant stop. As an assembly, there are two brake shoes attached inside each drum brake along with some pins, brackets and springs.

With the passing time and fast-paced progress in the Indian automobile industry, the disc brakes are rapidly replacing the drum braking system in cars. These disc brakes have brake pads that are operated hydraulically and press against the disc to stop a vehicle. Due to better heat dissipation properties, disc brakes are lot more effective as compared to drum brakes, hence their popularity.

But how do I get to know when to replace them?

There are various ways to know if your car’s brake pads/shoes need replacing or not. Look out for these common signs:

  1. Brake Fade or reduced effectiveness of brakes.
  2. Screeching sound (drum brakes only)
  3. Brake dust (disc brakes only)
  4. Wear indicators (only on disc brakes, if they are there)

All in all, if you feel something is not right when you press the brake pedal, it is advisable to get your brakes checked.

Things to Be Taken Care of (Disc brakes)

Generally, when you see the pad has been worn down to the metal, the disc is expected to have born some damage, so checking the discs is necessary too. To improve the performance of the braking system, it is extremely important that the brake pads should be paired with the metal surface very well. Always ensure that there is some distance between brake pad and disc and that pistons are working fine too. If not, the brake pads would wear out fast and would need replacement soon. Lastly, do ensure the brake system is flushed and there is no air in the system. If needed, do get the brake fluid topped-up or even replaced.


Brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle and it is highly recommended that you keep a constant check on their condition. Be on the lookout for any signs of trouble regarding the brakes on your car and get them fixed immediately. Here, at, we would be happy to help you get your vehicle’s brakes or other parts serviced or replaced.