Brake Disc/ Brake Drum and Issues


What is a Brake Drum/Brake Disc?

In recent years, in the Indian auto industry, brake technology has come a long way and Disc Brakes are now a part and parcel of the braking system. On the other hand, even with the arrival of many other advanced braking alternatives, the relevance of drum brakes has not waned yet and they are still used in many vehicles including commuter bikes, mass market cars and so on.

Commonly, eighty per cent of the stopping depends on the front wheels and this necessitates the presence of an efficient braking system. At present, the front wheels of cars are loaded with disc brakes to render instant stop every time while drum brakes are seen in the wheels at the back.

Disc brakes utilise the same concept as drum brakes but differ in terms of components and their placement. In disc brakes, big components are not used within a metal drum. Instead, a rotor or brake disc and a caliper are used to halt the wheels. Two brake pads are housed within the caliper, one on each side of the rotor that clamp together when the brake pedal is pressed. To shift the movement of the brake pedal into the movement of the brake shoes, friction material is brought into the use which you call brake pads. Drum brakes use friction implemented by shoes that apply pressure outward against a revolving cylinder-shaped portion called brake drum.

What are the symptoms of failing brake disc/brake drum?

If you do a close inspection of the disc brakes in your vehicle, you will come across many signs that will tell you when you need a replacement:

  • If you see small ridges and an extra shining surface don’t get alarmed. You just feel the rough spots or irregular spots on it (disc brakes only).
  • Examine the brake pads and if you find them about 3 mm thick, it means they still have some life (in disc brakes only as drum brakes have entire assembly closed inside the drum).
  • Do not overlook any unwanted noise identified while applying the brakes. It may be screaming for the instant brake change (in drum brakes and especially so in disc brakes).
  • Check whether they are evenly worn.

Brake drum

Look out for these too

Before heading towards the brakes, make sure to allow the brakes to cool down if you just finished a drive. If you hear a high-pitched harsh sound while applying brakes then get alarmed for an instant check. If the brake disc is being replaced, get the brake fluid replaced or topped-up.


Brakes play a key role to ensure you and your car’s safety and your slightly carefree attitude towards it may put you in trouble. Thus, it becomes highly essential to keep an eye on the condition of brakes whether disc or drum, especially when your usage on the higher side. Also, do get your vehicle to an authorized service center and get the disc brake replacement from an expert mechanic. Replacing brake drum/disc is a slightly expensive deal; however, you must not compromise with the safety by keeping the replacement on hold for long, once identified. Here, at, we would be happy to help you get your vehicle’s brake disc or other parts serviced or replaced.