Brake Shoe/Brake Pad and Issues

What is a brake shoe/brake pad and why is it important? While driving a vehicle in urban India, you need to be very particular about two things – one is horn, and other is brakes. Thanks to the stop and go traffic conditions, alongside bizarre situations you stumble upon in a crowded street or narrow […]

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Brake Fluid and Importance

What is brake fluid and why is it important? Imagine you are on the road, going to your office or maybe on a road trip with your family. And you discover that the braking system of your car is not functioning properly. We don’t need to emphasize on the stressful feeling. If ignored, your safety […]

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Brake Caliper Replacement

What is a brake caliper and why is it important? You probably know that most cars are equipped with disc brakes in the front and quite a few also come with disc brakes in the rear. What differentiates one system from the other are the components and their placement. In a drum brake system, almost […]

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Brake Disc/ Brake Drum and Issues

What is a Brake Drum/Brake Disc? In recent years, in the Indian auto industry, brake technology has come a long way and Disc Brakes are now a part and parcel of the braking system. On the other hand, even with the arrival of many other advanced braking alternatives, the relevance of drum brakes has not […]

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