Evaporator and Issues


What is an evaporator and why is it important?

An A/C system may be a complex setup but it also has to end somewhere. It indeed does, but only after it has brought down/up the temperature in your car’s cabin. After that happens, the cycle repeats itself all over again. However, what you would be more interested to know is how the evaporator helps in bringing down/up the temperature inside your car.

If you have been following the workings of the A/C system with us, you would be able to recall that a refrigerant gas in first pressurized, then turned into a liquid its pressure is also brought down. But all you get to feel is cold air not water. This is the doing of the evaporator. An evaporator is a radiator-like device whose working is completely opposite of a heater. Here’s how – the evaporator has piping in which the cold refrigerant liquid is circulated. The air in your car’s cabin rises to find a place to get out of the car (since the car’s cabin’s temperature is more than that of the evaporator and hot gases always rise due to low-density). This hot air meets the refrigerant liquid via the piping in which it is circulated and cools down. Having become denser, it starts falling and the blower in your car throws it out at you. The refrigerant liquid traces its way back to the compressor.

But an evaporator can also give troubles to you. In such a case, it is important for you to know about the signs when the evaporator starts giving way and needs attention.

What are the symptoms of a failing evaporator?

Two words sum up all the issues an evaporator can face – leaks and clogging. A bad weld or seam can make create a leak point and make the evaporator corrode away. Even if there are no leaks, however, particles in the air can clog the evaporator’s fins and make the air-conditioning system less effective than usual.

What can I do in this case?

Again, there is nothing you can do to fix this issue and need to look for qualified folks to handle the same. However, the process is time-consuming while the evaporator is not a costly item, its placement in the car can be the difference in your suffering a small hole in the pocket or a big one.


Unless you are the kind who never gets his/her car cleaned from inside, chances of the evaporator getting clogged are really slim. However, a bad seam/weld (if it is a manufacturing defect) will show within a few months of your purchase. In any case, if you need to get the evaporator in your car’s A/C system replaced, we at CarDekho can help you with the same. All we ask you to do is log on to services.cardekho.com and get started.