Condenser and issues


What is a condenser and why is it important?

Among the components that are present in an A/C system of a car is the condenser. Its turn to work comes right after the compressor has finished its work. If you go back to our article about the compressor, you would know that its purpose is to pressurize the refrigerant that cools the air down. But before the refrigerant can cool the air down, it has to lose the temperature it has gained by pressurization. This is where the condenser comes into play.

The condenser is mounted in front of the radiator in the engine bay of a car (usually). Due to its mounting position and its appearance, it is also called mini-radiator. The refrigerant gas is made to pass through the condenser where cold air brings its temperature down, cooling down the refrigerant gas and changing its gaseous state into liquid. This liquid then moves on to the dryer.

While it sounds simple, the process is a lot more complex than that. This also makes the condenser an item of great importance. Any fault in the condenser, therefore, can lead to bigger problems than just making your car’s A/C system malfunction.

What are the symptoms of a failing condenser?

Usually, the condenser faces the same kind of issues as the radiator of the engine. However, since its working affects the system as such, identifying faults becomes even more important. Here are some of the signs you should look out for to know the condenser of your car’s A/C system is failing:

    1. Leaks
    2. Clogged, corroded or damaged fins and/or tubes
    3. Poor A/C performance

Look out for these too

If you can spot the condenser in front of your car’s radiator (it would look like the radiator, only smaller in size), check for any outside damage or corrosion on the unit. Also, while the leaks would difficult to spot on the inlet hose, do check the outlet hose for any leaks. If the output hose is leaking, you will see liquid dripping out of it. However, do not pick up tools and start fixing it yourself as it is still a job of trained professionals to do so.


The condenser of your car’s AC system is among those units that you can see and do not need specialized equipment to inspect. However, do take care to get near it only when the engine is cool. Again, do not try to do anything more than inspecting the unit, if you wish to. Leave the fixing work to professionals and come to us at CarDekho to get in touch with professionals via