Evaporator and Issues

What is an evaporator and why is it important? An A/C system may be a complex setup but it also has to end somewhere. It indeed does, but only after it has brought down/up the temperature in your car’s cabin. After that happens, the cycle repeats itself all over again. However, what you would be […]

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Condenser and issues

What is a condenser and why is it important? Among the components that are present in an A/C system of a car is the condenser. Its turn to work comes right after the compressor has finished its work. If you go back to our article about the compressor, you would know that its purpose is […]

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AC system and why you should care

You like the fact that whenever you step into your car to go anywhere, in summer, you do not have to bother much about the heat outside. What has made your bothers go away? Cars are still made of metal and except high-end cars, we still do not have the kind of innovations for our […]

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A/C Compressor and issues

What is an A/C Compressor and why is it important? A car’s Air Conditioning (A/C) system is a complex setup. Unlike how people think it functions, how it really does what it does is a wonder in itself. Working near the engine makes the A/C system’s access to cold air a near impossible scenario. Still, […]

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