Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter and Issues

What is a catalytic converter and why is it important? In India, Petrol and Diesel are the major fuel options used by the cars on sale in the country. Upon burning these fuels, what an engine throws out is harmful emissions, mostly hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons, when allowed to pass untreated into the air, can cause […]

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Exhaust Manifold and Issues

Exhaust Manifold and Issues

What is an exhaust manifold and why is it important? In an internal combustion engine, the burning of fuel produces gases the final stroke in four-stroke cycle takes the gases out of the engine cylinders. However, these still have to get out of the engine and that is where the exhaust manifold steps in. Exhaust […]

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Exhaust System and Issues

What is an exhaust system and why is it important? There must have been times when a car whizzed past you and you turned around to find out which one it is because you liked how it sounded. For all the fans of vehicular action movies out there, they must have a lot of favourite […]

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Fuel Pressure Regulator and Issues

What is a fuel pressure regulator and why is it important? Most cars in the market today run on either petrol or diesel. While we all know that, what few of us bother to understand is that the fuel supplied to the engine has to reach the engine with a particular pressure. This helps it […]

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Fuel Injector and Issues

What is a fuel injector and why is it important? Every vehicle which has an internal combustion engine needs fuel to run. The Indian car industry has moved on to fuel injection (spraying fuel and air directly into the cylinders) from carburetion (mixing fuel and air and then sending them to cylinders for combustion). The […]

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Fuel Gauge and Issues

Out of all the equipment that you get to see in your car, you get to see the ones inside the most. After all, you purchased it to drive it and that can only happen once you sit inside. On the inside though, if there is one area that gets the most attention by any […]

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Turbocharger and Issues

What is a turbocharger and why is it important? Do you know what a turbocharger is? Chances are you get to use it on a daily basis if you have a diesel car or either Ford EcoSport EcoBooost, Volkswagen Polo GT TSI or Fiat Abarth Punto (these are all petrol cars). Turbocharger is a device […]

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Steering System and Issues

What is a steering system and why is it important? Imagine your car without a steering. You can’t, right? After all, how would you drive it? A steering system is responsible for converting the rotation of the steering wheel into the sideways motion of the wheels. Besides the steering wheel, the system comprises of a […]

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Shock Absorbers and Issues

What are shock absorbers and why are they important? Not only the rural areas of India feature rough roads, but the urban roads too do not shine except in the election season and you should be extremely careful if you are taking your vehicle out in monsoon season. God knows which hole is waiting to […]

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Suspension System and Issues

What is a suspension system and why is it important? Have you ever stopped to wonder how important the suspension system of your car might be? It is the only system that helps your take all the imperfections on the road with ease and allows you to have a nice driving experience. Suspension system is […]

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January, 2016 | Car Repairs